All of your medico legal requirements under one roof.

We can help you select the most synergistic combination of specialists, to ensure that you are receiving the tailored assistance that you need. Our range of services includes written opinions, case evaluations and witness services.

We have clients across Australia and internationally.

Written Opinions

At Medicolegal Express, our medico-legal services include the provision of written specialist opinions where a detailed review of medical files (but no claimant assessment or physical examination) is required.

This service includes a thorough review of provided medical records and is followed by the preparation of a detailed report and summary. The length and structure of the report is tailored to the requirements of the referring source.

Case Evaluations

We appreciate that most people do not possess expertise in both law and medicine. As such, the key features of a complicated medical case can be easily obscured by irrelevant details.

As highly proficient medical specialists we are well-placed to review and evaluate specific case material, and assess the relative merits of a potential claim.

Our case evaluation process involves a comprehensive analysis of the circumstances, a thorough appraisal of the issues relevant to the claim, and the identification of potential defendants. This information, along with any responses to specific client questions, is then presented in a concise report in a timely manner.

If requested, a preliminary verbal report may be obtained. The requesting party can then determine whether a written report is required.

Witness Services

Our qualified specialists are available to appear in Court for the purposes of providing an expert opinion. This may be where an assessment has previously been carried out and a report supplied, or alternatively where an expert opinion only is required.

International Services

Medicolegal Express has a global network, with our experts available internationally.